4 thoughts on “We Regret the Cancellation of Our Return Event Scheduled for Sept. 26. Please Come Back Home to the Green in 2022

  1. KAL September 15, 2021 / 9:55 am

    Does this mean there will be no St. Patrick’s Day Celebration or Return to the Green next March 2022? I live out of state and have been trying 2yrs straight to experience it at Fluor Field.

    • flynnmmf September 24, 2021 / 11:50 am

      Hello, It is our intention to bring back our Festival in 2022. Thank you for hanging in with us and I am sorry we have let you down the last two years.
      Sincerely, Marty

      • Inakn1969 August 31, 2022 / 7:18 pm

        But it never came back.

      • flynnmmf September 1, 2022 / 10:16 am

        Yes, that is true but I am bringing it back on March 12 20233 and I hope you will be there.
        Thank you for understanding.

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